Filthy luker

Filthy Luker creates inflatable street art and urban interventions, attacking cities with his outlandish inflatable sculptures such as giant inflatable tentacles and eye-balls in trees.

He works in a variety of mediums including paint, mouldable foams and latex, taxidermy and mutated objects. 

In 1996, Filthy Luker began his artistic collaboration with a British artist Pete Hamilton aka Pedro Estrellas. Self-taught, driven by their love of playful public intervention and a great desire to create objects of large dimensions, the duo has worked on numerous projects, experimenting with shape, form and function. The artists have become widely renowned for their work under the name of their inflatable design company, Designs in Air. Using 3D design software and with a small team of specialists, Designs in Air has created plenty of bespoke commissions for all manner of projects around the world.

Filthy Luker’s work is widely publicised online, has been featured in many magazines, a couple of books and been seen on television within special features and documentaries.

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